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Paris 2°C goal too hot for reefs

According to a new UNESCO Report coauthored by CICS-MD Scientist Erick Geiger and CICS Consortium Scientist Scott Heron of NOAA Coral Reef Watch, all 29 World Heritage reefs will avoid annual severe heat stress if the more aggressive 1.5° C goal were met.


Satellite Land Surface Data Assimilation

CICS-MD Scientist Li Fang describes her recent research on satellite-based surface green vegetation fraction, land surface temperature and soil moisture, and the feasibility of assimilating them into a land surface model.


Satellite Sea Ice Thickness

CICS-MD Scientist Sinéad Farrell has a new article on improving the results of coupled ice-ocean models through data assimilation of satellite sea ice thickness data.

State of the Climate

Unprecedented Coral Reef Bleaching

CICS Scientists at NOAA Coral Reef Watch contributed a special sidebar on the unprecedented three years of global coral bleaching from 2014 to 2017 to the recently released AMS "State of the Climate in 2017."


JPSS SPARKS Student Presentations

This summer's JPSS SPARKS students gave talks on their research projects with NOAA Mentors on August 9.


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