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Featuring CICS-MD Scientists Veljko Petkovic, Katherine Lukens, Jingjing Peng, Likun Wang, Hugo Berbery, Jun Zhou, Jifu Yin (shown in the photograph above, left to right), Pat Meyers, Kayo Ide, Michael Peterson and Melissa Kenney; SCSB Scientists Scott Rudlosky and Ralph Ferraro; and CICS Summer Interns Melvin Gonsalves, Brandon Bush, Anton Karpovich, William McQuire, Alexandra Mazurek, Tyler Richman, Christopher Smith, Jackson Hill, Stephany Paredes Mesa,Yoribaldi Oliva, Beatrice O'Connor, Cristina Madrid, J. Daniel Teodoro Morales, Deseret Weeks, Ysabel Banon, Christorpher Bombach, Dilchaud Nauth, and Arun Rabindranath. Click here: CICS Report 6-8-18

June 8, 2018

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