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2016 Articles

Anderson, Daniel C., Julie M. Nicely, Ross J. Salawitch, Timothy P. Canty, Russell R. Dickerson, et al, 2016: A pervasive role for biomass burning in tropical high ozone/low water structures, Nat. Commun., 7, 10267, doi: 10.1038/ncomms10267

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Bali, M., Mittaz, J. P., Maturi, E., and Goldberg, M. D., 2016: Comparisons of IASI-A and AATSR measurements of top-of-atmosphere radiance over an extended period, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 9, 3325-3336,

Barth, M. C., …Xinrong Ren et al., 2016: Convective transport and scavenging of peroxides by thunderstorms observed over the central U.S. during DC3, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, 4272–4295,

Battye, William H., Casey D. Bray, Viney P. Aneja, Daniel Tong, Pius Lee and Youhua Tang, 2016: Evaluating ammonia (NH3) predictions in the NOAA National Air Quality Forecast Capability (NAQFC) using in situ aircraft, ground-level, and satellite measurements from the DISCOVER-AQ Colorado campaign, Atmos. Environ., 140, 342–351,

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Chen, Jin, Yuhan Rao, Miaogen Shen, Cong Wang, Yuan Zhou, Lei Ma, Yanhong Tang, and Xi Yang, 2016: A simple method for detecting phenological change from time series of vegetation index, IEEE Trans. Geosci. Remote Sens., 54, 3436–3449, doi: 10.1109/TGRS.2016.2518167

Chen, Xiaona, Shunlin Liang, Yunfeng Cao and Tao He, 2016: Distribution, attribution, and radiative forcing of snow cover changes over China from 1982 to 2013, Clim. Change, 137, 363–377, doi:10.1007/s10584-016-1688-z

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Datla, R., Shao, X., Cao, C., and Wu, X., 2016: Comparison of the calibration algorithms and SI traceability of MODIS, VIIRS, GOES, and GOES-R ABI sensors. Remote Sens., 8, 126

Dong, Xinyi, Joshua S. Fu, Kan Huang, Daniel Tong, and Guoshun Zhuang, 2016: Model development of dust emission and heterogeneous chemistry within the Community Multiscale Air Quality modeling system and its application over East Asia, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 16, 8157–8180,

Eslinger, Paul, Ted W. Bowyer, Pascal Achim, Tianfeng Chai,…Fantine Ngan…et. al., 2016: International challenge to predict the impact of radioxenon releases from medical isotope production on a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty sampling station, J. Environ. Radioact., 157, 41–51,

Fang, Li, Christopher R. Hain, Xiwu Zhan and Martha C. Anderson, 2016: An inter-comparison of soil moisture data products from satellite remote sensing and a land surface model, Int. J. Appl. Earth Obs. Geoinf., 48, 37–50,

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Guo, Jianping, Huan Liu, Fu Wang, Jingfeng Huang, Feng Xia, Mengyun Lou, Yerong Wu, Jonathan H. Jiang, Tao Xie, Yangzong Zhaxi and Yuk L. Yung, 2016: Three-dimensional structure of aerosol in China: A perspective from multi-satellite observations, Atmos. Res., 178–179, 580–589,

He, Hao, Konstantin Y. Vinnikov, Can Li, Nickolay A. Krotkov, Andrew R. Jongeward, Zhanqing Li, Jeffrey W. Stehr, Jennifer C. Hains, and Russell R. Dickerson, 2016: Response of SO2 and particulate air pollution to local and regional emission controls: A case study in Maryland, Earth's Future, 4, 94–109,

Hobbins, Michael T., Andrew Wood, Daniel J. Mcevoy, Justin l. Huntington, Charles Morton, Martha Anderson and Christopher Hain, 2016: The Evaporative Demand Drought Index. Part I: Linking drought evolution to variations in evaporative demand, J. Hydrometeor., 17, 1745–1761, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-15-0121.1

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Huang, B., P. Thorne, T. Smith, W. Liu, J. Lawrimore, V. Banzon, H. Zhang, T. Peterson, and M. Menne, 2016: Further Exploring and Quantifying Uncertainties for Extended Reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (ERSST) Version 4 (v4), J. Climate29, 3119–3142,

Huang, Jingfeng,  Shobha Kondragunta, Istvan Laszlo, Hongqing Liu, Lorraine A. Remer, Hai Zhang, Stephen Superczynski, Pubu Ciren, Brent N. Holben and Maksym Petrenko, 2016: Validation and expected error estimation of Suomi-NPP VIIRS aerosol optical thickness and Ångström exponent with AERONET, J. Geophys. Res.: Atmos., 121,

Huang, Min, Pius Lee, Richard McNider, James Crawford, Eric Buzay, John Barrick, Yuling Liu and Praveena Krishnan, 2016: Temporal and spatial variability of daytime land surface temperature in Houston: Comparing DISCOVER-AQ aircraft observations with the WRF model and satellites, J. Geophys. Res.: Atmos., 121, 185–195, doi:10.1002/2015JD023996,

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Jing, X., Shao, X., Cao, C., Fu, X., and Yan, L., 2016: Comparison between the Suomi-NPP Day-Night Band and DMSP-OLS for correlating socio-economic variables at the provincial level in China. Remote Sens., 8, 17

Johnson, G. C.; J. Reagan, J. M. Lyman, T. Boyer, C. Schmid and R. Locarnini, 2016: Salinity [in “State of the Climate in 2015”], Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 97, S70–S74, doi:10.1175/2016BAMSStateoftheClimate.1

Johnson, Tamara A. Newcomer, Sujay S. Kaushal, Paul M. Mayer, Rose M. Smith and Gwen M. Sivirichi, 2016: Nutrient retention in restored streams and rivers: A global review and synthesis, Water, 8, 116, doi:10.3390/w8040116

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Kim, H. C., P. Lee, L. Judd, L. Pan, and B. Lefer, 2016: OMI NO2 column densities over North American urban cities: the effect of satellite footprint resolution, Geosci. Model Dev., 9, 1111–1123, doi:10.5194/gmd-9-1111-2016,

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