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CICS Science Conference

November 6-8, 2017CICS_Science_Conference
College Park, MD

Registration & Abstract Submission

Abstracts are due October 20th


The CICS Science Conference will be held in College Park, MD on November 6-8, 2017. The Conference, our 6th CICS-MD Annual Meeting, we will again be joined by our partners at CICS-NC and CREST, making the annual meeting a truly CICS Conference. CICS-NC is collocated with the National Centers for Environmental Information in Asheville, NC.  CUNY’S Cooperative Remote Sensing Science and Technology Center (CREST) is a multidisciplinary center led by the City College of New York

The goal of this Conference is to present research activities and serve as a collaborative forum for CICS and NOAA scientists to exchange ideas, identify research priorities, and define research topics that have maximum impact on  NOAA’s Mission.

CICS performs research aimed at enhancing our ability to use Satellite Observations and Earth System Models to advance the national climate mission, including understanding, monitoring, predicting, and communicating information on climate variability and change. We encourage contributions addressing the following Topic Areas:

  1. Data Fusion and Algorithm Development
  2. Calibration and Validation
  3. Surface Observation Networks
  4. Scientific Support for the new satellite missions, GOES-R and JPSS
  5. Climate Research, Data Assimilation and Modeling
  6. Climate Data & Information Records/Scientific Data Stewardship
  7. Land and Hydrology
  8. Earth System Monitoring from Satellites
  9. National Climate Assessments
  10. Environmental Decision Support Science
  11. Education, Training, and Outreach
  12. Other topics of interest to NOAA

All CICS researchers are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations, either in oral or poster format. Participation and contributions are strongly encouraged from all units of CICS-MD, CICS-NC, CREST and their NOAA collaborators.


Abstracts are due October 20.

Agenda announced on October 27.

Online registration closes on October 29. (On-site registration will be available.)

Advanced slide submission is encouraged.

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