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F-E-W Workshop Registration & Abstract Submission

If you have been notified that you will be a speaker at the workshop, please use the submission form below to get us your slides. Slide Presentations are due October 23.

Abstracts are no longer being accepted.

Travel Grant Applications are no longer being accepted.

Registration closes on Friday, October 23, 2015

If you have already registered and are now submitting your abstract or your slides, just fill in your Name and E-mail then go to the second section.


This is a free event. There is no registration fee.
If you answered no above or plan to submit your abstract later, skip the next section and click on Submit. This will take you back to the Announcement Page. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

Student Travel Grants

If you would like to apply for a travel grant to Washington, DC, please answer also the questions in this section.

Submit Abstracts or Slides

After you hit Submit, you will be returned to the Announcement Page. You will receive an email to confirm your registration and/or submission of your abstract.

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