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Aishwarya Raman

Aish Raman is a Post-Doctoral Associate at Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC). She received a B.S. (2011) in Geoinformatics from College of Engineering, Anna University, India and a M.S (2013) and Ph.D. (2017) in Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Arizona. Her main research areas include satellite remote sensing, modeling, and assimilation. At ESSIC, she is using these tools to forecast hurricanes. Her graduate research focused on developing constraints on aerosol distribution using multi-satellite, multispectral remote sensing datasets, ground measurements, radar, and a chemical transport model. In particular, her research activities included modeling and analysis of the sources and sinks for dust and black carbon aerosols. During her doctoral research, she co-authored a NOAA NWS technical memorandum on blowing dust and contributed chapters related to high resolution WRF-Chem modeling framework for convective dust storms (haboobs) in Arizona. She was also involved in various modeling projects to study interstate transport of CO pollution and analog ensemble framework to improve aerosol forecasts. She has also explored diverse applications of remote sensing ranging from climate change to planetary remote sensing for Mars and Venus.

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