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Peterson, Michael, Wiebke Deierling, Chuntao Liu, Douglas Mach and Christina Kalb, 2017: A TRMM/GPM retrieval of the total mean generator current for the global electric circuit, J. Geophys. Res.: Atmos.,122(18), 10,025–10,049,

Tang, Youhua,  Mariusz Pagowski, Tianfeng Chai, Li Pan, Pius Lee, Barry Baker, Rajesh Kumar, Luca Delle Monache, Daniel Tong and Hyun-Cheol Kim, 2017: A case study of aerosol data assimilation with the Community Multi-scale Air Quality Model over the contiguous United States using 3D-Var and optimal interpolation methods, Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 4743–4758,

Zhu, Jieshun, Arun Kumar, Hyun-Chul Lee and Hui Wang, 2017: Seasonal predictions using a simple ocean initialization scheme, Climate Dyn., 49, 3989–4007

Chen, H., X. Zou and Z. Qin, 2017: Effects of diurnal adjustment on biases and trends derived from inter-sensor calibrated AMSU-A data. Front. Earth Sci., in press 


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