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JPSS SPARKS Student Presentations

This summer's JPSS SPARKS students gave talks on their research projects with NOAA Mentors on August 9.


Mid-Atlantic Deluge from the GCOM-W Satellite

CICS-MD Scientist Patrick Meyers uses the record-breaking rain in the Mid-Atlantic on July 21-25 to test a new satellite precipitation algorithm.


Water Vapor Transport and Near-Surface Salinity

CICS-MD Scientist James Reagan has a new article published in Scientific Reports about subtropical-subpolar North Atlantic atmospheric moisture transport.

2018 Summer Circular

Folmer on New Satellite Tools

"Now that GOES-16 and NOAA-20 are being used more routinely, it’s time to start focusing more on the forecast challenges and how these products or techniques will benefit the decision-making process." See the full article in the CICS-MD Summer Circular.


Geostationary METEOR Mapper?

CICS-MD Scientists Scott Rudlosky and Michael Peterson found that the GLM on GOES-R/GOES-16 observed a fireball near Detroit, MI on January 16. UPDATE: Rudlosky has a new publication in the journal Meteoritics and Planetary Science.


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