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Research Highlights
These slides are drawn from project summaries in Volume 2 of the CICS Annual Report for FY 2012.
CICS Science Conference Photo 2016

2016 CICS Science Conference

The abstracts, slides, and posters from the recent CICS Science Conference are now available. Click on the photo to go to the archive.


ESI Goes Operational

Christopher Hain, Li Fang, Zhengpeng Li, and the rest of their team at NESDIS/STAR/SMCD/EMB are happy to announce that their GOES Evapotransporation and Drought Production System (GET-D) system is now operational.

Weekly Report 9-30-16 (Item 1)

Tom Smith Honored

Thomas M. Smith was awarded the Department of Commerce Gold Medal in a ceremony held last week. He was part of the team who used NOAA's global surface temperature dataset to show there was no 'hiatus' in global warming.

GPCP Bob Adler

Monthly GPCP Data

CICS/ESSIC is transitioning to be main deliverer of GPCP analysis both for the final products and the Interim Climate Data Record (ICDR), which comes out within first 10 days of each month. Click the picture to go to the GPCP website.

SBN Dish

CICS-MD Training Proving Ground

A NOAAPORT Satellite Broadcast Network (SBN) antenna, receiver, and server have been installed at CICS-MD on the roof of the ESSIC building.

Sutton-Grier 2016

Blue Carbon Projects

Lindsay Wylie and Ariana E. Sutton-Grier study local “blue carbon” restoration projects from around the world. These photos show participants in Kenya planting and measuring mangrove trees.


Explore Our Research

Explore Our Research
We do research in a wide variety of areas at the intersection of climate and satellites. We focus on applications as well as research.  read more.

educational Outreach

Educational Outreach
Young scientists, including students and post-doctoral researchers, play an important role in the conduct of research at CICS-MD.  read more.

Meet our Scientists


Xiaolei Zou is a Research Professor with research interests in atmospheric data assimilation, hurricanes, and climate changes....  read more


Director's Welcome

Hugo_retrato_(2016) How can we best exploit satellite information for improving weather and climate predictions? What is needed to create consistent long term records of satellite products for use in climate activities? What are the research needs to ensure we extract optimal information from future satellites sensors?

 These questions lie at the core of CICS-MD mission of supporting NOAA’s ability to use satellite observations and Earth System models to advance the national climate mission. Our people, research scientists and research engineers along with academic personnel, strive to make certain that our research is transferred to NOAA operations. We also believe in the need of developing and maintaining interactions with a broad community. Outreach, education, training, climate literacy activities are part of our vision for a successful return to society of the confidence they have entrusted us.

Explore our web site, find out what we do and please contact us with your suggestions for improving how we communicate our activities.

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Featured News

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Rudlosky & GLM on the Weather Channel

Scott Rudlosky appeared on the Weather Channel to show the first images from the GLM aboard GOES-R/GOES-16.
Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tse-Chun Chen Wins AMS Student Speaker Award

Doctoral student Tse-Chun Chen, who works with CICS Scientist Eugenia Kalnay on proactive quality control using ensemble data assimilation techniques, was awarded Best Student Presentation at the IOAS-AOLS Conference at the 2017 AMS Annual Meeting.


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